200mm Ball - Before and After

200ml ball1.jpg

Warman Pump Wear Plate 

200ml ball2.jpg
warman pump wear plate1.jpg
warman pump wear plate2.jpg
warman pump wear plate3.jpg

Polyurethane Liners for Saunders & Kelp Valves 

polyurethane liners for saunders kelp va
polyurethane liners for saunders kelp va

Ziroflex High Wear Epozy 

ziroflex high wear epozy.jpg
ziroflex high wear epozy2.jpg
ziroflex high wear epozy3.jpg

Grizzly Box Bars

grizzly box bars1.jpg
grizzly box bars2.jpg

Reconditioning of 42" Repulper Rotor 

reconditioning of 42 repulper rotor4.jpg
reconditioning of 42 repulper rotor1.jpg
reconditioning of 42 repulper rotor2.jpg
reconditioning of 42 repulper rotor3.jpg

Reconditioning of 63.25" Hydrapurge Rotor 

reconditioning of 63 hydrapurge rotor4.j
reconditioning of 63 hydrapurge rotor2.j
reconditioning of 63 hydrapurge rotor1.j
reconditioning of 63 hydrapurge rotor3.j

New Hydrapurge Rotor Screens

new hydrapurge rotor screens2.jpg
new hydrapurge rotor screens1.jpg

Valve Plugs - Before and After

valve plugs befor and after1.jpg

Backplates / Stuffing Boxes - Before and After

valve plugs befor and after2.jpg
backplates stuffing boxes1.jpg
backplates stuffing boxes2.jpg

New Top Separator Basket - Pulp & Paper

Basket - Top Screen Seperator 1.jpg
Basket - Top Screen Seperator 2.jpg

Reconditioned Drum Thickener - Pulp & Paper


Impeller Rebuild

impeller rebuild4.jpg
impeller rebuild3.jpg
impeller rebuild2.jpg
impeller rebuild1.jpg

    S/Steel Volute Casing Rebuild

steel volute casing rebuild1.jpg
steel volute casing rebuild2.jpg

Reconditioned Knife Gate Valves

reconditioned knife gate valves.jpg

DN 200 Valve Reconditioned and Pressure Test

DN200 valve reconditioned and pressure t
DN200 valve reconditioned and pressure t

Segment Ball Valve - Before and After

segment ball valve2.jpg
segment ball valve1.jpg

SDA 300 / 400 Envirotech Pump Rebuild

SDA 300 envirotech pump rebuild3.jpg
SDA 300 envirotech pump rebuild1.jpg
SDA 300 envirotech pump rebuild2.jpg

S/Steel Ball and Segment Valves

steel ball and segment valves3.jpg
steel ball and segment valves1.jpg
steel ball and segment valves2.jpg